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RVing full time with the full time RV family

Just about to depart on the long full time RV roadtrip...

RVing  full time had been a dream of ours for nearly 5 years – we wanted to find a way to see the USA and live the full time RV lifestyle.

One problem with this dream though: we are not “professional full time RV people”…we’re not even half-way experienced full time RVing people.

In fact, we’ve barely ever camped, gone RVing or done anything remotely related to “roughing it” in the outdoors.

The only other time we ever vacationed in an RV was a three-day RVing rental that cost us a small fortune to Acadia National Park in Maine nearly three years ago.

We were so bad at it we vowed we’d never do it again.

But the dream of full time RVing never went away…

So in spite of all that, we took the plunge, bought a behemoth Chapparal Fifth Wheel and set out on our full time RV journey…but this time do it 100% – doing it full time.

Why Full Time RVing?

Most people thought we wouldn’t actually go. We have a nice home in a nice neighborhood with good friends and family nearby. We have good jobs and our kids are doing pretty well in school and life overall is good. We consider ourselves to be very fortunate.

So why throw all that aside and go in an RV full time for a year? Read more »

RVing in Kansas…Amber Waves of Grain


The grain really is amber when RVing in Kansas…









We really enjoyed RVing to Kansas City and also to Abilene, Kansas.

We rolled into Kansas City starving at 8:30 pm. We were ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the beautiful houses and neighborhoods on our way to a family restaurant called Stroud’s.

Stroud’s Restaurant is known for their  family style fried chicken. The chicken was good but we all agreed that there were two things that really made us want to come back and eat there again.

First was our waitress Elaine. She was terrific!

Second was that they bring you a basket of hot cinnamon buns to your table. We thought we’d died and gone to heaven these Read more »

RVing in Kentucky | How Bat Poop Won The War of 1812

rving mammoth cave

This is the entrance ot Mammoth Cave, you can see the water seeping in at the top!










Why did we go RVing to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky?

We went to Mammoth Cave RVing because we wanted an excuse to go to Kentucky and learn about Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave is the biggest cave in the world!

There are over 365 miles in the cave.

When I went RVing to Mammoth Cave, I did not realize it was 365 miles long. That is as far as RVing from Cape Cod to Philadelphia!

That’s a really long way…especially if you are RVing.

How Mammoth Cave Was Formed

Caves are like cavities and since rain is slightly acidic, when it rains, the water melts the rocks away.

The rain then forms sink holes. After the rain drips through the sink holes, it then Read more »

RVing in Jamestown, Virginia | How The Pilgrims Hosed Jamestown!

rving in jamestown, virginia

There is a big rivalry between Jamestown and Plymouth!









While RVing in Jamestown, Virginia, I learned something interesting about American history that I never learned in school.

There is a huge rivalry between the two colonies!

RVing in Jamestown, Virginia: Shocking News!

Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in 1607. It was named after King James 1 of England.   In 1619 the first representative government meeting in America was held there. In 1676, the settlement burned down but they already moved the government to a
more central location called Middle Plantation about 20 miles away.

Middle Plantation is now known as Williamsburg – you can read my blog post on RVing in Williamsburg, Virginia too if you want more information.

How The Pilgrims Hosed Jamestown

Plimouth Plantation gets all the credit  for being the first Read more »

Our Wicked Cool Trip RVing to Williamsburg, Virginia

rving to williamsburg virginia stockades

I think my mom and dad would have liked to take this stockade home from Williamsburg for me and my brother...thankfully, it won't fit in the RV!

RVing to Willamsburg, Virginia was very interesting and it was pretty fun too.








We saw a re-enactment of  George Washington giving his farewell speech as he was leaving the presidency.

I got to see actors portraying George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. That was cool because I got to stand next to them while they spoke!

rving in williamsburg virginia

That's me standing between Thomas Jefferson (on stage) and George Washington (to my right)

They even answered our questions after they spoke to the crowd.

My mom (the Presidential nut) asked a lot of questions.

It was raining lightly and  Thomas Jefferson wanted to leave ( he was afraid Read more »

Yorktown, Full Time RVing and The End of The Revolution

In this picture I see men fighting over a fort.

I do not see cannons but they must be close.

These men are not in a friendly mood.

The men in the blue are trying to eliminate the men in the red. 

The men in the red are also trying to eliminate  the men in the blue.

Yesterday, both sides were strategizing how to kill each other and win the battle.

Today they putting those plans into action.  

Each man in this battle wants the other to surrender.

Both the sets of men, red and blue, used to be citizens of the same country.

“War” by Alexander Sorenti-Burns


Full Time RVing to Yorktown, Virginia

yorktown cannon full time rv family

The cannon display at Yorktown was cool!

Yorktown was my least favorite battle before I got to learn about it  firsthand by going there when full time RVing.

I thought it was a battle for nothing until I went there myself.

Lots of kids only read about these things in books but because we are full time RVing, my family and I got a tour of the entire battlefield of Yorktown.

We even saw the house where the entire British army surrendered to General George Washington on October 19, 1781.

Why The Battle of Yorktown Was Fought

First, the British Navy and the French Navy fought on the open ocean to stop Cornwallis’ troops from escaping and getting to the ocean.

General Cornwallis, the British commander, wanted to get to the ocean to reinforce his troops after being defeated in the Carolinas and at the Battle of Cowpens. I wrote about this in my last full time RVing post 🙂 Read more »

RVing Full Time To….Cowpens, South Carolina?

rving cowpens

I wasn't so sure about RVing to Cowpens, SC...but I did end up having fun










This blog is about RVing full time…so what does “The Battle of Cowpens” have to do with RVing full time?


When you go RVing full time, you see some pretty interesting things you may never have known about.


That is unless…..your Mom and Dad drag you and your brother to the other side of the Universe RVing full time to places like Cowpens, South Carolina.


Just look at all you’re missing by NOT going to Cowpens…. Read more »

What You Must See RVing in Philadelphia

RVing in Philadelphia we saw lots of things.

Most of the things we saw there were about the American Revolution which my brother Alex is learning about  for fifth grade…so I picked up some tips for next year!

eli rving with ben and tom

This is me sitting on Ben Franklins lap...I saw his toilet too!

It was really cool to see some of the same things that I have heard my parents talking about all these years.

That is RVing full time road-schooling at its finest!!

RVing in Philadelphia

When we got to Philadelphia, we saw Independence Hall where our founding fathers debated  independence from Great Britain and the Declaration of Independence.

independence hall rving

RVing to see Independence Hall - yeah! Independence!

In Philadelphia, they also signed the Constitution.

We also saw the Declaration House…it kind of a funny looking house.


Declaration House is kind of a half house...you see strange things RVing full time for sure!










That was the house that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. He wrote it Read more »

RV Accessories A Full Time Rving Mom Must Have!

A full time RV Mom needs her RV accessories too :-)…

A while back, Alex did a great job outlining the 13 RV supplies you must have when you go full time RVing.

Although that was an extremely inclusive list, there are certain RV accessories that a Mom RVing full time absolutely needs to make sure that the inside of the home runs as smoothly as the outside.

rv accessories

The iPad (here being used by Eli) is just one of the RV accessories a full time RV Mom cannot live without...

And all the kids get home schooled properly as well.

Although these may not be “traditional” RV supplies or accessories, like sewer pipes and stabilizers…they are absolute “must haves” when going RVing for any period of time or if you take the plunge and go full time RVing like we have for the past year:

1.  The Kindle

The first RV accessory you must have is the one that both saves you an enormous amount of space while actually helping your kids learn. A two for one as it were is Amazon’s Kindle.

On our first fulltime Rving venture. I packed four (4) HUGE plastic storage boxes of books…homeschooling books, reference books, favorite books, rving books…..these boxes took up 75% of the RV’s storage space!

Best of all, you can even borrow books on the Kindle at no charge!! Check out that feature here.

You see, I was totally against the concept of my children reading electronically.  I wanted them to read real books.  Well I was wrong!!
We were just lugging around too much stuff and when we got the kindle we realized four extremely helpful features for those full time Rving families Read more »

The 19 Best Things About RVing in California

full time rv family the seven sisters

We loved RVing full time in San Francisco, here we are in front of "The Seven Sisters"

There were lots things I loved about RVing full time in California.

Because the state is so big, when you RV full time in California, there is so much to see.

But my brother Eli and I liked San Francisco the best, because we stayed there the longest. What made it the most fun is that we had our cousins there.

When you RV full time, you get to see many neat things and learn a lot of things that you never knew about before. And sometimes you just have FUN!

In this full time RVing post, Eli and I tell you about some of our favorite things about RVing full time in Cali!

1. Seeing Our Cousins Cobalt and Cypris (known as Cy Cy)


rving full time with the cousins

We went to the aquarium with Cypris and Cobalt RVing

We went of lots of cool places like the aquarium in Golden Gate Park.

At their house, Eli Read more »

13 RV Supplies You MUST Have

rv supplies

Me using some of my favorite RV supplies

Ever since I started RVing, people have asked me for tips on which  RV supplies I like the best.

I am not an RVing expert, but after RVing full time for nearly three months and being responsible for:

RV maintenance

RV security

RV sewer duty

RV trash duty

RV setup and RV breakdown duty

….and just about any other RVing duty my mom and dad can think of…

I feel I am somewhat qualified to give at least a few good RV supply tips!

When you are RVing full time there are certain RV supplies that you have to get the for the RV to work properly. If the RV doesn’t work properly, your neighbors might think you’re stinky, smelly or loud…but that doesn’t have much to do with this blog post!

After all I am 10 and I get a little bit silly sometimes! 🙂

So I have listed 13 absolutely Read more »

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