13 Reasons Why Kids Should Go RVing

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Catching frogs is another good reason kids should RV!

There are lots of reasons why kids should go RVing. At first when we went on our full time RV trip, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it that much. But now after two months, I really like it a lot.

I think there are a lot of kids out there who may think that RVing isn’t that fun for kids, but it is! Some kids think they might miss home (I do), they would miss their friends (they will) so they don’t want to go RVing.

Well, that is not true, there are many things that make RVing fun for kids.

So I thought I would put together a list of all the reasons why its so much fun to RV full time when you are a kid.

This even works if you are an adult too!

So here it is:

1. Swimming Pools

We have gone swimming in so many pools its hard to count them all!

I don’t have a pool at home so this is a big deal for me. We have the ocean near us, but I really like pools.

Most RV campgrounds have pools so this is a big bonus!

pool while rving

Me and Eli playing in the pool at the Mitchell South Dakota KOA pool

2. Playing Sports

You get to play sports whenever you want, including mini golf. And most of the campgrounds have mini golf courses!

mini golf

Me and Eli mini golfing!

3. Cool Parks

You also get to see lots of cool parks like Glacier National Park, Custer State Park and all the cool stuff there.

Where do you get to see buffaloes back at home!

buffalo meets biker

That bike better get out of the way, that buffalo weighs over 2000 pounds!


This is a bear eating huckleberries at Glacier National Park. We stayed in our car.

4. Making New Friends

So far I’ve already made 7 new friends on our RVing trip cross country.

Sometimes kids are scared to go RVing because they will miss their friends, just like I was. But all the kids who are RVing at RV parks have friends back at home who they miss, so making friends with them is easy!

I think I will make even more friends in the coming months.


Me and my new friend Spencer. He's from Massachusetts but we met in Montana!

5. Sleeping!

Sometimes while RVing, I get to sleep as long as you want almost every day. I even slept until 9 in the morning one day, that was awesome!


I can sleep almost as long as Garfield when RVing

6. Cool Land Forms

So far I’ve see a lot of different landforms on this trip. Landforms are things like mountains, plains, caves and buttes.  So far I’ve seen some pretty cool land forms like this one:


land forms

This is a mountain land form we saw from our tour boat in Waterton, Alberta.

7. Baseball (and Professional Sports)

When you’re RVing cross country, you can see almost every baseball team play. Its kind of expensive so you might not want to go to every baseball park. But if you have enough money, you can see lots of games.

Also you can collect the team cards too.

So far, I’ve seen the Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Cubs, White Sox, Pirates, Red Sox, Twins and the Tigers play baseball at four different baseball parks.

One of my favorite baseball parks was Target Field in Minneapolis:


target field

These are out seat at Target Field in Minneapolis thanks to our friend Chris

chris and gran

And here is Chris with his Gran. It was her birthday, happy birthday Gran! They were nice to me.

8.Free Time

Free time is only about one(1) day out of a week but that time is very fun and you can do what ever pleases you.  In my free time, I like to organize my baseball cards and whittle.

I am also learning to use a hatchet and am getting pretty good with my flint and steel (only when mom and dad are watching though!)

funny time

Free time with Eli goofing around

9. Museums

I am learning about history and science first hand.  I’ve gone to  a lot of different museums and historical sites. They are all good, but my favorite one was  the National Mississippi River Aquarium and Museum in Dubuque, Iowa ( near Galena, IL).

They have a really fun kids section to learn about the water cycle which I learned about in school:


Fun at the Mississippi Museum!

10. Great Food!

Not that my mom and dad aren’t good cooks, but the food when RVing seems so much better. On this RVing trip I’ve had the best food in my life!

I like trying new kinds of foods like when we went to Elements in Pittsburgh which was awesome.

new food

Me tasting a new kind of tea at Elements with my mom. Elements is my favorite restaurant!

I forgot to tell you that when we arrived at Elements that night, my dad and I talked in British accents to the hostess and she thought we were from England! We were laughing so hard I almost peed my pants.

Anyway, I really like cooking over an open fire too and I have done that many times. I have cooked dinner three times over an open flame and brekfast once, I think it tasted good.

Mom and Dad said it was the best breakast they have ever had!

outdoor cooking

Me cooking breakfast on the open fire! I am still in my jammys too...

11. Less Chores!

This by far, is one of the greatest reasons to go RVing!

RVs are smaller than houses. Kind of obvious. When living in an RV, there are less chores because the small size creates less mess!

Also back at home Mom and Dad makes us do chores every Saturday morning and Dad yells at us alot. I don’t miss that.

chain gang

Sometimes Saturday mornings at home seem like this...

I don’t have to vacuum either because my brother does that. I don’t have to take out the trash as much either because the trash can always seems to be right outside your door.

Also cleaning up the kitchen in an RV is easier too because the kitchen is so small. I usually do the drying of the dishes and thats pretty easy.

12. Sunsets

In every RV park we go to, there is a different view from our window, which I think is really neat. I like my view at home, but its nice to see other views.

Also, there is a different sunset every night. Its pretty neat that the same sun that I am seeing is the same one my friends are seeing back home. This makes me feel good.


sunset in Munster

Every night you get to see sunsets like this one in Munster, Indiana

13. Time With Family

Even though I live in the same house as my Dad and Mom back at home, and they BOTH work from home, I don’t see them that much. This is because they are always working.

So when RVing full time, I see them a lot and I like that very much….even though they still work alot.

This is the best part of RVing full time.


My family at Mount Rushmore

So no matter what your interest are, you can do it when you are on the road.

For all kids who are reading this, don’t worry, RVing is fun! And for all the adults out there, it is just as fun for you too!

So what do you think about RVing full time. What are your top reasons why you would like to RV fulltime?  Please comment below.

And please share this blog post with your friends on Facebook as well! That way more people can go RVing too.

Thank you!

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