13 RV Supplies You MUST Have

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Me using some of my favorite RV supplies

Ever since I started RVing, people have asked me for tips on which  RV supplies I like the best.

I am not an RVing expert, but after RVing full time for nearly three months and being responsible for:

RV maintenance

RV security

RV sewer duty

RV trash duty

RV setup and RV breakdown duty

….and just about any other RVing duty my mom and dad can think of…

I feel I am somewhat qualified to give at least a few good RV supply tips!

When you are RVing full time there are certain RV supplies that you have to get the for the RV to work properly. If the RV doesn’t work properly, your neighbors might think you’re stinky, smelly or loud…but that doesn’t have much to do with this blog post!

After all I am 10 and I get a little bit silly sometimes! 🙂

So I have listed 13 absolutely essential RV accessories (my Dad helped me with that word 🙂 )that you must have when RVing full time like us.

Here they are:

1. Chocks

Good RV chalks are very important so the RV doesn’t start rolling down a hill. If that happens, then your very expensive RV is wrecked and you don’t have a place to sleep.

Wheel Chocks are also used to stabilize the RV so it doesn’t sway when you walk in it. They are important needless to say!

2. Level

To get the RV level, one of the most important things in your tool box is a good level.

Also, if you need to move the RV in a certain spot you use a leveler. If you don’t have one all sorts of bad thing happen. For example your refrigerator many not work right and may get broken.

The one that we use is the Stanley FatMax Magnetic Level because you can put it on the back bumper and its magnetic so it sticks there!

3. Sewer Hose 

The sewer hose you get with your new RV really stinks! I guarantee you it will crack and leak as soon as you start using it. And you will step on it and break it just like I did (but I didn’t mean to).

To drain the sewer you don’t want to have a full black water tank spill out on you! To prevent this from happening, you want the hose to reach so you can you don’t bother your neighbors.

I recommend RhinoFLEX 5′ Extension Hose with Swivel Fittings, because it is so tough it won’t break. It is really tough. I have stepped on it many times and it has never broken. My dad has stepped on it too and he is heavier than me and it STILL hasn’t broken.

4. Disposable Gloves 

When you are dumping out the black water it is really gross! So you need really good RV Sanitation Gloves that won’t break but you can throw away after. These gloves are really tight on your hands so they keep out poop and all kinds of gross stuff.

This is what they look like:

The are the best kinds of disposable gloves I have found.

5. Extra Water Hose

You need to get an extra water hose because it really stinks when the town water hookup is too far from your RV. If it doesn’t reach, then you might have to re-park the RV. This is where you could use a garden hose.

To prevent this, always have an extra water hose on board!

6. 30 or 50 Amp Extension Cord

When you arrive at the RV park, set up and then try to plug in your electric cord but the electric box is too far away, this is a pain too. What can you do?

You could re-park the RV. Or you could have and extra extension cord just in case.

If you cannot get the electric into your RV, you would have to use your battery, but this gets drained quickly. So have an extension cord, they come in either 30 or 50 amps.

The one we use because its really tough is the Heavy Duty 30-amp 10 Electrical Cord with Handle.

7. In- line Water Filter

So you don’t spend a fortune on bottled water, you should always have an in-line water filter to get the water clean.

Its easy to hook up, just add it to the end of your water hose at the town water hookup.

We use the TastePURE CX90 Ceramic Water Filter because the filter lasts a long time and the water tastes great!

8. Inside Fan

If you need to dry something inside the RV, its good to have a fan. Also, think of a hot day and you do not have air conditioning, you need a really good fan.

I would recommend the Lasko 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote because it kept me cool all summer and it helps to dry my clothes sometimes.

9. Good Tool Box

You must have a good toolbox to fix stuff with. Stuff always breaks in an RV. Many people have a tool box back at home, but its good to get a tool box just for your RV.

You need the following tools:

  • A good knife
  • Hatchet (for chopping up firewood)

There are probably more tools you need, but those are the most important.

10. Lighter

When you’re RVing full time, you make lots of fires both to cook dinner and to keep away the bugs, so you need a good lighter to light all this with. Sometimes I use my flint, but when its wet it doesn’t work too well. You can also cook s’mores on an open fire too!

Plus you may need a lighter to light the stove in the RV too. I really like the Comfort Grip Lighter, it rocks!

11. Stool

In most RVs, the cabinets in them that are really high. I am almost five feet tall, but I still have a hard time getting stuff down from the higher shelves.

Get a Collapsable Stool to get stuff in cabinets. Also make it folds up so it can be portable and can fit in a closet.

12. RV Spare Tire

If you get a flat in your RV tire, make sure you have an extra wheel just in case! We nearly popped a wheel and were glad we had a spare tire just in case.

13. Jack


If you pop an RV tire, you need a heavy jack so you can lift the RV if you have a flat tire. I would recommend at least a 30 Ton Jack if you have a fifth wheel RV.

It would really stink to be on the side of the road with a flat but no way to fix the flat!

Just check the jack specs to make sure it is powerful enough to lift your RV.

We have the Torin T93007 30 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack. We haven’t had to use it yet, but it lifts 30 tons so we’re in good shape!


So that is my list of RV supplies you definitely need. Please feel free to click on any of the links or images on this page to get any of them for yourself.

And when you do click on any of the links or pictures on this page and you buy anything, I make a small amount of money!

Any money I make goes to my college fund…so I can’t spend it on Nerf guns though 🙁

Oh well!

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