7 Proven Ways to Save Money When RVing Full-time

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You can spend alot of money in an RV if you're not careful...

I am in charge of expenses for the full time RV trip across the USA and I have noticed a few things about how much money we are spending.

Sometimes we are doing pretty good with saving money on this RV trip and sometimes we are spending way too much money.

I think 7 good ways for us to save money are as follows:

1. Cook dinner more at home (in the RV) and not eat at fancy restaurants

Restaurants are expensive and that can add up when you’re RVing full time.

2. Buy snacks at the grocery store instead of at truck stops

This could save you almost 50%!

3. Pack lunch and bring water bottles!

Water can cost $3.50 for a small bottle! Yikes that is crazy.

If you buy big jugs of water at the supermarket and fill your water bottles that is much better.

4. Get to the museums early

Do this so you maximize your admission fee and maximize your time there (this one is Mom’s idea). We need to make the most of the trip to the attraction so get up early and make the best use of your money. The trip to Henry Ford Museum cosy over $145!

5. Shop for gas at low prices

We just found diesel for $3.93 per gallon (best deal ever)!

6. Use the cruise control , it helps save gas!

Dad says that if you stay at a a constant speed it saves gas. Our RVing truck only takes diesel and it costs nearly $4 a gallon.

7. Reduce purchasing souvenirs

At Niagara Falls we didn’t buy any souvenirs but we did get key chain holders and free Maid of the Mist rain coats.

Please inform us, by commenting below if you know of any other ways to save money on our trip!

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