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We’re the Sorenti-Burns family. We’re a regular family from Cape Cod, Massachusetts making our way across the U.S. in an RV Full time for a whole year. We consider ourselves very lucky to have the ability to do this.

We didn’t win the lottery, we don’t drive fancy cars (unless you consider our Chevy 2500 Diesel Crew Cab we need to haul our fifth wheel RV fancy) and we’re not independently wealthy. Although most of our friends thought (and probably still think) we’re kinda nuts, our love of travel drove us to take an entire year to see the U.S.A. in an RV. I mean, what better way to see every nook and crannie, every main street and back road of the U.S. than traveling in an RV full time?

Our Story

We both used to have 9 to 5 jobs, which neither of us really liked. Jen first started her own business, then I started an online business with the idea that someday we would do this trip RVing fulltime. After talking about it for over a year to everyone we knew, we finally made the decision to “put up or shut up” and take the plunge starting in June 2011.

We love to travel. We both used to travel almost full time in our previous jobs, so working from home, we both missed it. Our kids love traveling too, which if they didn’t we’d never be able to do this.

Oh yeah, the kids. Our two boys couldn’t wait to get the trip started as soon as we started talking about it. As “D-day” approached, they started to have their reservations, but they were still excited. With them as an integral part of the RV team, we couldn’t do it without their help and support.

Another part of this crazy trip is the homeschooling the kids. Not only are none of us professional RV people, but neither one of us are professional homeschoolers either. That part of the RV trip will be the most challenging, not to mention trying to run our businesses at the very same time. That’ll be part of the fun though!

So Why a Full Time RV Family Blog?

With this blog, we plan to be as transparent as possible with everything we do as a full time RV family. Our successes, our failures, our tips and usefully information – it’s all out there for you to see so maybe it may inspire you to do the same. We’re not trying to show off. In fact, that’s exactly the opposite of our purpose here. We want to show you exactly what we do so that you can learn, be entertained and maybe RV full time yourself – learning from both our triumphs and our challenges.

We don’t consider ourselves “RV gurus”, not even close. If you’re looking for RV experts with tons of experience in an RV (in fact, prior to this cross-country trip, we had only traveled in an RV twice!) – then I’m sorry, you’re not in the right place. Because we’re NOT RV experts is why we wanted to do this trip, as well as document it all in this blog to show you that anyone crazy enough with a dream, can do it.

RVing full time takes a ton of prior planning, lots of hard work, some smart financial juggling, lots of guts and solid organizational skills – but if you’re determined to go RVing full time like we were, we just knew it would be worth it in the end. In fact, despite all the challenges and obstacles and months and months of planning, we knew it would be a life-transforming experience for us as well as an unforgettable learning experience for our kids. And you can’t put a price tag on that.

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Thanks everyone!

Ralph, Jen, Alex and Eli

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