RVing Full Time in Canada | Foods We MUST Import to the US

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Bob Doug McKenzie

OK all you hosers…we are neighbors with Canada right? And what do neighbors do…”hey neighbor, can I borrow a half a stick of butter?”…of course they share FOOD!

We are only showing Bob and Doug McKenzie above because, although they are very funny, this is usually all most Americans really know about Canada…which is really kinda sad.

Well, we at Full Time RV Family have truly discovered that there is much more to know about Canada…and not only is it all about the people…but its also about THE FOOD!

canad flag

Before we traveled in an RV full time to Canada , I was under the impression that there was no real difference in the types of food in Canada And the food in the US.

I’m sorry to say, I was mistaken and the food companies are pulling one over one us!

Mike’s Hard Blueberry Lemonade.,.since when did Canada get the lock on blueberry flavor??? Mmmmmm Canadian blueberry….

Mikes Blueberry Lemondae

Ketchup potato chips…wake up Heinz, these should’ve been invented in Pittsburgh, PA…

ketchup potato chips

Real Canadian bacon (It is not ham, y’know)

Malt Loaf.. An awesome hearty alternative to an English muffin!

Malt loaf

And Ralph’s favorite…Tortiere, traditional French Canadian fabulous meat pie consisting of pork beef pastry with spiciest including nutmeg and cloves.


And the candy!!……Eli covered most of it however a quick overview of the types of candy we brought back to do a taste test with Nonnie and Bumpa while in Pittsburgh.

Aero bars..regular and mint…Alex and Ralph’s favorite..a chocolate bar filled with puffs of air so light it melts in your mouth…take a look:

aero bar image

Smarties ( M&M…like but with Nestle chocolate and better colors)….

smarties image

Kinder eggs…chocolate eggs with toys inside…beats the Happy Meal any day of the week because it has less calories and better toys!

*****THE WINNER!!! The Wonderbar..the clear favorite with Jen, Eli, Nonnie and Bumpa.

Coffee crisp. A coffee flavored wafer bar, very good!!!

coffee crisp image

Aunt Sarah’s Simply Delicious Bar…this was just ok, a dark toffee bar with peanut chips. Eli was the only one who liked it…

sarahs simply delicious bar

URGENT Note to those traveling south from Canada from the Full Time RV Family…. BRING US THE WONDERBAR!!!

OK…that’s the Full Time RV Family scoop on Canadian food.

We are looking forward to crossing the border in Montana in August though….

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