What’s the Monthly Cost of RVing Full Time?

rv full time kids alex and eli with the lincoln family

Alex and Eli full time RVing in Springfield, IL…spending money at museums instead of camp!

Its been just over a month since we started RVing full time. I can’t believe how fast that first month has gone…

I can’t believe how fast the money has gone as well…

In our first month, we have spent time and money in 10 U.S. states, dozens of small towns and cities, as well as one Canadian Province. In that month, we have spent our fair share of American dollars and Canadian loonies.

To be fair, we have splurged a bit in our first month. We’ve spent a lot of time with old friends, seen historical sites and museums we have always wanted to go to, bought perhaps a few too many rally monkeys, been to multiple baseball games in ball parks we always wanted to go to and most of all….ate at some really fabulous restaurants!

And all this full time RVing fun does come with a cost of course.

So the question is:

How much does it cost to RV full time?

So in this first edition of “Eli’s Ledger” we attempt to answer that question. Read more »

7 Proven Ways to Save Money When RVing Full-time

rv piggy bank

You can spend alot of money in an RV if you're not careful…

I am in charge of expenses for the full time RV trip across the USA and I have noticed a few things about how much money we are spending.

Sometimes we are doing pretty good with saving money on this RV trip and sometimes we are spending way too much money.

I think 7 good ways for us to save money are as follows:

1. Cook dinner more at home (in the RV) and not eat at fancy restaurants

Restaurants are expensive and that can add up when you’re RVing full time.

2. Buy snacks at the grocery store instead of at truck stops

This could save you Read more »

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