Full Time RVing in Springfield, Illinois!

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full time rv family in front of Lincolns house

Here we are, the full time rv family in front of Lincolns house!

We went to Springfield, Illinois in our full time RVing trip, here I will tell you about what we saw there.

New Salem Village

The first thing that we saw in Springfield was a Lincoln’s New Salem Village.  Even though the temperatures were hovering above 95 degrees, I learned a lot about Lincoln’s life before he became a lawyer, politician and President of the USA.

He owned a store with a partner in New Salem and it failed.  It was after that failure when he decided to study law and become a lawyer. Also, he was elected a captain in the army in The Black Hawk War.

He enjoyed being a leader of men so he decided to go into politics.

The Lincoln Museum

We also toured his homes at The Lincoln Museum which was awesome. The museum had a replica of his log cabin. Wow, was it small. It was even smaller than our full time RV. I’ll bet Abe even got a little claustrophobic!

I learned that his mother, Nancy died when he was 9. Then he had a stepmother, Sarah, who encouraged him to read and be smart. He only had one year of formal education.

Young Abe read books all on his own to get smarter and smarter. Sometimes, he would walk 3 miles to borrow a book which he would have to read by firelight after everyone else was asleep in the cabin.

At the museum, there was even a replica of the White House with wax figures of the President, Mrs Lincoln and their sons along with Generals Grant and General McClellan as well as  Frederick Douglas and Sojouner Truth outside.  It was really lifelike!

General Grant, me and my brother Alex

General Grant, me and my brother Alex

There were also so many copies of cartoons making fun of and criticizing President Lincoln and his policies.  It made me feel badly and I realized that Abraham Lincoln went through a worse time than even President Washington.

I think that Americans should respect their President, whomever he or she is and not say cruel things about our Presidents even if you disagree with him.  I don’t think Americans need to be mean and nasty about disagreeing with any President, you can just say I disagree with you.

Lincoln’s Home

We also toured his home. I thought it was majestic and colorful.

Lincoln's home

Lincoln's home

I think that Abraham Lincoln’s family was very happy there because the house was so friendly and he seemed to have lots of friends.

The Old State House

Then we went to the the Old State House where Abraham Lincoln used to work.  We saw a Lincoln impersonator or actor reading some letters that He and Mary Todd Lincoln sent to each other.

The old state house in Springfield, Illinois

The old state house in Springfield, Illinois

There were other actors reading quotes from Lincoln’s favorite Shakespeare plays too.

Conclusion of RVing Full Time in Springfield, Illinois

If you have some vacation time, and you are a person who really wants to learn about history and Abraham Lincoln, I would recommend for you to visit Springfield, IL and all the Lincoln sites.

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Alex and Eli

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