How To Make Friends While Full Time RVing

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rv friends 9

Friends we made RVing full time in Iowa at a museum. It was easy!

Some people think that when you are RVing full time that it’s hard to make friends. We used to think that too, but now we don’t.

As a kid, you may miss your friends at home too. But to solve the problem, all you need to do is just write postcards, e-mail, Skype or call your friends. When you do that, it makes it a lot easier when full time RVing.

So for all those kids who are worried when they go live in an RV full time, that they might be lonely or they may not be able to make friends, me and my brother Alex put this list together to show you that it is actually easy to make friends when RVing full time.

1. Go to Where Other Kids Are

Usually, you can find friends in swimming pools and fun places at the RV parks.

I would recommend KOAs as the funnest campgrounds and best places to meet kids.

They have pools, playgrounds and other stuff. Although my mom and dad say they are more expensive, it makes it easier for us to make full time RV friends.

rv friends 2

Me, Alex and Nick at the KOA in Springfield, IL in the pool!

2. Don’t Be Shy

Please don’t be shy! The butterflies won’t  fly if you don’t make friends (that means that you will be lonely if you don’t at least try).

But always be yourself! If that means being a little bit goofy, then that’s OK. But don’t try too hard, just be you.

One time in Jackson Hole there were kids playing soccer. We asked them if we could play with them and they said yes.

Sometimes all you have to do is ask the other kids to play and they will say yes!

So be brave and be friendly.


rv friends 3

Us 3 swamis in Wisconsin (Dyllan, me and Alex)

3. Tips if You Are Shy

If you are extremely shy and you have a brother then ask him to ask the other kids to play for you. If you don’t have a sibling, then just wait for them to come as a last option.

But the best thing to do is just go over and start playing. You don’t even have to ask them sometimes!

Plus, with kids in RV parks, they all miss their friends like you so don’t worry, they are missing their friends and want to make new ones too.

rv friends 8

Alex playing old time baseball with a bunch of kids at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit

4. Share

After you make the acquaintance, make sure to be kind and share things with them. If there are people that want to play, let them play!

More acquaintances for you and more friends!


rv friends

Alex and Dyllan trading baseball cards in Minneapolis

5. Be Mindful of the Little Kids

If there are little kids, make sure to include them too. Also, if your playing a game, make sure not to always win. Do your best, but don’t make it like you have to win everything.

However, if you are playing for a team of kids and its a really competitive game, its ok if you play your best and try to win.


rv friends alex eli

Me, Alex, Ridge and Maren rock climbing in Jackson Hole, WY

6. Always Say Goodbye

When you are leaving the place you met your friends try to see them again and remember to say bye. If you can get your mom and dad to exchange their emails or if they live close to you, their addresses so you can see them again.

We met some kids in Idaho that actually live only 30 miles from us back home! I can’t wait to see them when we get home.


rv friends

Alex and Spencer in Great Falls Idaho. Spencer and his sister Ella only live 30 miles from us at home!

rv friends eli

Me, Ella and Ella's mom Carla in a museum in Idaho


So in conclusion, it is easy to make friends when you are full time RVing. If you are worried about being lonely, then don’t be. We were at first when we went in our RV full time, but we have met so many good friends, now we no longer worry about it at all.

So as long as you take the first step, you will be fine. Plus meeting new friends makes your full time RV trip a lot more fun!

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Thank you!

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