How To Save Money Full Time RVing In The National Parks

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rving full time in the national parks

One of the "paint pots" in beautiful Yellowstone National Park

Back in September of 2009, one of the things that cinched the deal for us to go full time RVing was watching Ken Burns’ The National Parks: America’s Best Idea series on PBS.

Once we saw it, we were hooked. We had to take the plunge and go full time RVing – and the places we had to see were many of the parks highlighted in that series.

Although we joke now that watching that series late night is the surest cure for insomnia known to mankind…it is an awesome series. A bit long in the tooth, but awesome nonetheless.

We loved the Ken Burns series so much it inspired us to go full time RVing.

Apparently, we were not alone. In fact, after that series aired on PBS, the attendance at America’s National Parks, especially the ones that received the majority of exposure in the series increased by nearly 25 percent! And since then National Parks have become even more popular places for RVing full time families and tourists to visit.

With good reason too..

They offer incredible scenery, lots of history and tons of opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, biking and sightseeing. You may even see some really cool wildlife like buffaloes, elk, moose, bald eagles and so much more.

full time rving at rushmore

The next full time RV Christmas card shot?

The best part is that while most national parks charge entrance fees to enter, on many occasions during the year they waive those entrance fees. This offers full time RVing families excellent opportunities to see the parks gratis…on Uncle Sam. These kinds of deal usually occurs after the busiest seasons in the summer time, so they are worth it to look for because these times of year are often the best times to see the parks as well.

If you visit an area that contains many National Parks, like the southern Utah / northern Arizona area, which contain no less than seven national parks and monuments in a 500 square mile radius, you can get the most bang for your buck and see some incredible sites in the process.

Before we started RVing full time, we visited that area and saw the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Canyon De Chelly, Vermillion Cliffs, The Petrified Forest, Monument National Park and Zion National Parks all in just over a week’s time.

The best part about it was that we just so happen to hit it just right as it was National Park Week – and all our entrance fees were totally free, saving us nearly two hundred dollars!

So check out the U.S. National Park Service website and look for weeks in which they offer this awesome deal. For example, this coming Veteran’s Day weekend on November 11-13 is 100% free. Quite a deal.

Take this great opportunity to see these beautiful destinations and save a few bucks in the process. So if you’re living in an RV full time or you are just planning a trip and want to see the awesome beauty of our country’s National Parks, take advantage of the savings and see some amazing sights in the process.

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