How to Write A Blog Post While RVing Full Time

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Here I am writing in my ledger for a new blog post

Since we started living in an RV full time, I have written many blog posts about RVing full time.

Because I have been doing this for about two months, I thought it would be fun to show people how to do it.

So I am writing a blog post and I am teaching you how to write a blog post…which is kind of funny I think.

1. Think of a Good Idea

The first thing you need to do when writing a  blog post is to think of an idea for your blog post.

In the case of this blog post, I wanted other people to know how to write a blog post, so I wrote this one.

Another way to get ideas for blog posts are to write about things or experiences that are related to your website. Foods, sports, attractions, museums, and sites are all good blog post ideas.

For an example: the Grand Canyon is an attraction as is Busch Stadium.

Busch Stadium

When we went RVing to Busch Stadium I got a good idea for a blog post there

2. Write Your Ideas Down

After you decide what to write about, the second thing you need to do is get your ideas for your blog post down on paper or in your computer.

In my case I use my Mom or Dad’s iPad and go to the app called “Notes”.

Using the Apple iPad is very helpful because I can blog while we are driving somewhere, then upload it to our blog when we get to the RV camp site. If I wrote it on paper, it would take a longer time.

writing a blog post while rving

Me writing my blog post in my Dad's iPad

When you are full time RVing you have to save time!

3. Re-arrange Your Ideas Into An Outline

An outline is like the skeleton of a building.

when you are building a building, you have to put all the metal beams in place first, which is your outline.  Then you put all the metal plates over the beams which is the details of the story.

The building would fall down without the skeleton. That is your outline.

You can structure your outline by numbering it out or organizing it by letters.

4. Make up a Title For Your Blog Post

Now that you have your outline, read it and think of a title (also called a headline) of whatever it is about. Think of an headline that catches people’s attention.

Even though a lot of people say to make up your headline first, I sometimes have a hard time thinking of a good title. So I make up my headline after my outline.

A great headline for a blog post is “How to…” do something. People like to learn how to do stuff. People also like blog posts that are numbered lists.

We use both of these techniques in this blog post! 🙂

One of the best places to get headline ideas is at . They have an awesome post on how to write a title called How To Write Magnetic Headlines by Brian Clark.

I think Brian Clark is smart and I want to write like him some day.

5. Fill In the Details

Then once you have your outline, you fill in the details to construct the story. This is like the walls, electrical system, pipes, toiletries that you put in a building.

6. Edit Your Mistakes

Once all your details are in, you look for mistakes and edit them out. This is my least favorite part writing blog posts when RVing full time, but it has to be done.

There’s no spell check in Notes on the iPad , which kind of stinks, but Dad tells me that it just makes we work harder.

7.  Send The Notes to Yourself

Then you email your  notes from your iPad to yourself:


I emailed my notes to myself so I can then upload them onto our website!

7. Upload The Post to Your Website

You then copy and paste your blog post from your email and upload it onto your website. We use WordPress for our website because it is easy to use and you don’t need to be a computer whiz to use it.

Plus its free!



Upload your emailed blog oost in the "Word Uploader" in wordpress

8. Add in Images

After you upload the blog post, then you add in photos, videos or images to your blog post to make it more interestng for peole to read.



Use the image button to upload pictures from your computer

9. Re-read Your Blog Post

The second to last step is to re-read your post and make sure everything is all set. Make sure you spell “RVing full time” right…I always get that one wrong!

This is where Mom and Dad should probably help with grammar and stuff like that.

10. Publish!

After you re-read it once again, then you publish the blog post and you’re done!


Hit the Publish button and you're done!

So that is how you write a blog post when RVing full time!

Tell me what you think, was this blog post on blog posting helpful?

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