“Looks Like We Made It” To California RVing Full Time!

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He wasn't singin' about a city when he wrote this classic schmaltz...but this full time RV guy is.

I keep singing that Barry Manilow song over and over in my head…

“Looks like we made it,
Left each other on the way,
To another love…”

For a guy whose  idea of soft rock is Metallica’s Black Album, this is quite a departure, needless to say…

My usual songs that wake me up in the morning are more along the lines of Alice in Chains, Van Halen, Staind and most recently thanks to my axe man buddy, Rich Sossone…Ozzy Ozbourne.

But since we arrived in San Francisco after RVing full time across the U.S. coast to coast for the past four months, I can’t get that song out of my head…

And I also can’t help but thinking about the last four months on the road as the most influential four months of my life.

And now that we’ve made it to California, I can’t stop thinking about the two opposite ends of this country and how I love them both almost equally.

The Full Time RVing Goal Realized?

I always thought of the end goal of our full time RV trip as “making it” to California and San Francisco specifically…hence the silly Manilow song rattling around in my head all week long.

We did make it to California.

Holy crap! We did actually make it to California!

And we did it driving a full time RV I honestly have no right in the world to be legally operating with my drivers license.

It was the last 250 miles that I thought we may actually not “make it” white-knuckling it up one side and down the other of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in a eight ton behemoth teetering from one side to another, tipping ever so slightly on the 7-10 percent grades…yikes.

Thank God I had Tom Brady and the Patriots on XM to keep my mind off the impending doom.

Total tally of 11,000 miles RVing full time across this great country of ours.

And so many memories and stories to tell.

Full Time RVing and Barry Manilow

The second half of the Manilow song really tells the story though…

“Left each other on the way to another love”…he croons.

The “other love” is not another woman (I think it was for ol’ Barry…although not sure on that one either…if you know what where I’m going here). But for me, it’s the city of San Francisco and the “left each other on the way” is our wonderful home back in Sagamore Beach.

I’m sure the old king of 70’s schlock, now Las Vegas strutting Barry wasn’t singing about being pulled between two places 3,000 miles from each other when he sang his ode back in the mid-70’s, but I am when I sing it…

(Don’t worry Jen, there’s no “other TRUE love” here aside from you baby!) 🙂

jen rving full time

The "real love" RVing full time in the Bonneville Salt Flats

I could have titled this post “The Tale of Two Cities” but I think someone else had already thought of that one.

The point is that San Francisco is a city I have always wanted to live in for a long time. Its the most beautiful, culturally diverse, varied, majestic, just plain cool city in the United States (sorry fans of Boston and Chicago).

Jen and I were fortunate enough to live in the city of Boston for nearly three years and when we knew we wanted kids, we decided to sell the ultra cool downtown South end condo for the quiet, family-friendly confines of Sagamore Beach.

The day we sold that condo though, something died in me.

My love of the city has always been there ever since that day. And I vowed some day I would live in my favorite city in the world and that city is San Francisco. So here we are…

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

The "other love" on the West Coast....

Looks like we made it….

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