RVing and Global Warming

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While RVing full time, I noticed a lot of effects on global warming.

I just recently watched the movie An Inconvenient Truth by former Vice President Al Gore and it made a big impact on me because I saw many of the things Mr. Gore talks about in this movie while I was RVing full time this past summer.

Global warming is important to stop because there is no other place to go to live. It effects many people, wildlife, and habitats. There are also cleaner ways to make energy.  Global warming must be stopped.

rving in mitchell, south dakota

RVing in Mitchell south dakota KOA, those guys recycled!

Recycling at RVing Parks

One of the things I noticed was that not a lot of RV parks recycle their trash. Many of the KOAs we went to ll across the country did not recycle at all. On my trip back home, I want to change this and talk to the RVing parks about recycling. I think this will help alot.

However, the KOA in Mitchell South Dakota had recycling. Those guys were cool!

Climate Changes while RVing

When we were RVing in the West this past summer, it was over 103 degrees in some places that have never been that hot before. This is a sure sign of global warming.

Global Warming Effects on Wildlife

Global warming effects wildlife in so many ways. It melts the ice that polar bears live on. It warms the water and as a result it is killing fish like Trout and Salmon. Global warming causes drouts and that kills plants.

rviing glacier national park

When I was in Glacier National Park, I saw that many glaciers had melted because of global warming

I Saw Glaciers Melting While RVing

When we visited Glacier National Park, we saw that global warming had taken its toll. In 1910, there were over 150 glaciers there, now there are only 25. Many scientist think that all of them will be melted in the next 30 years. I am glad I saw them, but sad that they may disappear soon.

RVing and Pollution in Salt Lake City

Also, pollution is ruining the environment. People throw litter in the water and that is bad for the environment. This kills fish and coral. When I was in Salt Lake City, Utah RVing, the smell was awful because of the chemical plants around the city polluting. Also, there was lots of trash in the lake which is bad for birds and fish.

Other Effects of Global Warming

Global warming also ruins habitats like rain forests. The rainforests are over-populated by people. They are cutting down trees and that shrinks the rainforest.

Also, global warming effects the wetlands. We are draining all the water so we can build. We saw this in some lakes we saw in the West that are lower now than they were years ago. I saw this in Nevada and Utah. When this happens, the ground gets hard and animals that lived there can’t survive. Trees are also dying which creates less air and it effects the weather, the environment and us.

We Need to Use Cleaner Sources of Energy

We need to use cleaner sources to get energy; like using solar panels or wind turbines. We must do little things too like turning off the lights or car pooling and using hybrid cars. Plus pick up garbage when you see a piece.

These simple things will help save our environment. We can educate people to stop cutting down trees and stop littering. This is important to do because we can save our earth.

How Rving Full Time May Help Global Warming

When we are RVing in our truck, we use alot of diesel gas but we use cruise control to conserve gas. We don’t speed either. By Rving and not living in our house, we may actually be reducing our energy usage because we don’t use electricity which comes from power plants fired by coal. Coal is very dirty and creates alot of CO2 emissions and pollution.

I think I am helping the environment by RVing full time, but I am not sure. I will study this further. What do you think?

There are some people that still think that global warming does not exist. I don’t understand how this can be because I saw evidence of it RVing this past summer.

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Thank you. Alex

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