RVing Full Time | 4 Essentials When Booking An RV Campsite

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rving full time

Before you hit the road and go rving to cool places like Chicago, its good to folow our 4 tips on how to pick a good RV campsite first!

So you’ve decided to go rving full time and you’ve already decided on your RV itinerary.

Your next step is to now start booking your RV campsites.

So get out the pen and paper or bookmark this post for later use because we’re going to give you 4 things you must know when picking out your RV campsites when full time RVing.

1. Know Your RV Specs

It seems kind of obvious, but you do need to know the dimensions of your RV. In our case its a 37 foot Chapparal Fifth Wheel. This means a lot of RV campsites are way too small for us; a good thing to know before calling around or looking online. Making sure the RV campsite will fit your RV is always a good thing.

Make sure you have the specifications of your RV you haven’t already bought, borrowed, or rented your travel rig, do it prior to making reservations. When booking your RV campsite you may need to know: type, length, number of pullouts, and the type of hookups that your vehicle requires.

2. Know What Amenities You’ll Need

A major thing to consider is whether you’ll require an RV park with certain amenities. We already told you about the importance of WI-FI when RVing full time or just plain RVing. Since my wife and I work from the road, this is absolutely essential for us.

As we discussed in that post, we do use and highly recommend getting either a laptop wireless stick like the AT&T GSM USB aircard or the Verizon USB AirCard. In addition to that, having the WI-FI at the RV campsite is a big plus as well.

We have really started to use the Samsung 4G Mobile Hotspot through Verizon and it works super well.

As far as other amenitities go, if you need cable tv and dont have a DISH or DirecTV, then cable hookup is definitely something to ask for.

Although in most new RVs, the antennae gets surprisingly good local TV signals. Its all high definition now so its high quality.

We actually watched the entire Bruins Canucks Stanley Cup final using local, air antennae signal, so for a guy who insists on a good picture when watching sports, that should give you an idea as to how good the signal is!

3. To Pull Through or Not To Pull Through

If you have a massive RV like us and are don’t have a background in 18-wheeler trucking, then “pull-throughs” at RV parks are a big plus.

A “pull through” is exactly what it sounds like; they enable you to “pull through” the RV parking space so you don’t have back in and risk taking out your neighbors brand new Ford Explorer that was parked just a bit too close to your full time rving campsite.

If the question is to pull through or not to pull through, take the pull through any day of the week. Even if it costs you $10 more per day, its worth it.

4. Check Out The RV Campsite Photos

Many campgrounds have photo sections on their websites. We found this a huge benefit when scouting out campsites on the web. Check out the RV campsite photos, or even better if they have a live web cam, this will give you a really good feel for RV campground in no time flat.

With photos or webcams, you can instantly see if the RV spots are spacious or cramped, if the site has is shaded by trees or if its clear cut or if the RV campsite just looks nice or dumpy.

You can also tell if there is a general store, maybe even a restaurant, along with essential RV amenities like laundry facilities or even a pool.

Photos will tell you a lot about the RV campsite very quickly…after all a picture IS worth a thousand words when RVing.

Before you go pick your next RV campsite, make sure you consider all these four factors first.

In future posts we’ll tell you even more secrets to getting the best deals on RV campsites all throughout the United States.

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