RVing Full Time | My Most Favorite Thing to Do In South Dakota

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We went to South Dakota in our full time RV and we did a lot of fun things, including seeing Mount Rushmore:

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore in the day...


Mount Rushmore at night

...and Mount Rushmore at night!

We even got to touch the flag at the night time ceremony at Mount Rushmore:

flag ceremony mount rushmore

Me, Eli and the flag lady at Mount Rushmore

While RVing full time, we also saw the Crazy Horse Monument:

Crazy Horse Memorial

The Crazy Horse Memorial

We saw Jewel Cave:

Jewel Cave

Me and Eli in Jewel Cave

The full time RV family even saw the Badlands:

the full time RV family in the Badlands

The full time RV family in the Badlands

We even saw the Needles Highway:

needles highway

A needle on Needles Highway

We went on a Buffalo Safari and saw hundreds of buffaloes. One almost knocked over a biker dude!

buffalo at custer state park

A really big buffalo at Custer State Park!

Even though all those things were a lot of fun, by far my favorite thing to do there while we are full time RVing was horseback riding.

This is us on our horses horseback riding in south Dakota:

the full time rv family on horseback

The full time rv family on horseback!

I like horseback riding because its cool to be on your own horse and control where you go.

My horse’s name was Snowball. My brother’s horse was named Stub.

I noticed that not a lot of people know how to ride a horse, especially if they are from Massachusetts like me. We don’t have many horses to ride back home.

My friends Jack, Carly and Ty are coming to visit us in a few weeks so maybe they can read this, so they can be ready to “saddle up” when they come!

For all the rest of you, you never now when you may need to ride a horse.

Maybe you need a quick getaway and there are no cars around and its too long to walk and there just happens to be a horse nearby that you can borrow.

Well after reading this you now you will be prepared!

How to Ride a Horse When RVing Full Time…or even if you’re not RVing full time 🙂

1. How to get on the horse

  • First you put your foot on the left stirrup (located on the left side of the saddle)
  • Next you put your hand on the horn of the saddle (at the front of the saddle)
  • Then you swing your right leg over the butt of horse then you are up on to the saddle
  • Then you line up your belly button with the horn

2. How to turn

  • First, you put your hand on the lowest nook on the reins, then pull the reins the way you want the horse to go

3. How to get off

  • To get off you swing your right leg over the horse butt a put your leg firmly on the ground then release your foot from the stirrup.

Its not that hard so try it for yourself!

Next time you have to make a quick getaway, and the only thing around is a horse, you are now able to ride it!

Comment and tell me what you think! Have you ever ridden a horse? What was it like?


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