RVing Full Time To….Cowpens, South Carolina?

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rving cowpens

I wasn't so sure about RVing to Cowpens, SC...but I did end up having fun










This blog is about RVing full time…so what does “The Battle of Cowpens” have to do with RVing full time?


When you go RVing full time, you see some pretty interesting things you may never have known about.


That is unless…..your Mom and Dad drag you and your brother to the other side of the Universe RVing full time to places like Cowpens, South Carolina.


Just look at all you’re missing by NOT going to Cowpens….


rving full time in cowpens

Cowpens is one interesting place...


While RVing full time as a kid, you end up getting dragged to places nobody has ever heard about…except you and your brother and of course, your history-crazed parents…


RVing Full Time in Cowpens, South Carolina


Where the heck is Cowpens, South Carolina?????


Sure, we could have taken the NORMAL road and gone straight from Charlotte to Asheville, North Carolina…but NO!


My brother and I were kidnapped to Cowpens!


Cowpens, South Carolina is known for a Revolutionary War battle that turned the tide of the Revolutionary War.


The Battle of Cowpens was fought in South Carolina and not many people know how important it was in the Revolutionary War. The Continental Army, with the help of hundreds of militia from South Carolina, helped to end the American Revolution.


Because if it weren’t for Cowpens, Yorktown never would have happened!


Do you see how RVing can make you smarter?


This is especially true if you have parents that have strange interests in Presidential history (Mom) and American military history (Dad).


This makes for a very long full time RV trip….


The Battle of Cowpens – How It Happened


I did learn that the Battle of Cowpens was actually really important because General Cornwallis retreated to the north to Virginia after the battle of Cowpens. When he retreated to Virginia, he got stuck in Yorktown and that led to the end of the Revolutionary War.


My Dad told me that Mel Gibson starred in a movie (that he won’t let me see yet by the way – because guys heads get smashed off by rolling cannonballs and I’m not allowed to see that yet) – they call this “redcoat bowling” by the way 🙂 – that was about the Battle of Cowpens.


My mom and dad say that even though Mel Gibson is a good actor, he’s crazy….plus he got they got the details all wrong.


rving with mel gibson

Mel Gibson is nuts...I'll bet he would like RVing full time a lot!


The Americans were led by Daniel Morgan. He was important because he planned the whole battle out. He figured if he strategized correctly, he could do a double envelopment of the British, he would catch them off guard. He was right!


I didn’t know that word “double envelopment” either before I went full time RVing either!


The British were led by Banastre Tarleton. He was hated by the Colonists because he fought dirty and he had slaughtered a bunch of surrendered Colonists in The Battle of Waxhaws.


RVing Full Time to The Battle of Cowpens – The Strategy


When the battle started, both sides set up positions.


Then what happened was the first line of the Colonists moved into the second line.


Then they had to move into the third line and created a fake out and turned around and marched and then turned and fired.


Then the first line of Colonists was flanked on the right side of the British and the second line one on the left.


Then the cavalry attacked.


Here is how it all looked:


rving full time to the battle of cowpens

Morgans colonials are in blue and the Redcoats are in RED…obviously


In the end, the battle was won by the Americans because they fought hard…and more importantly they fought SMART!


It only took 18 minutes to fight the whole battle!


This battle was important because it freed the people in the South. But more importantly, it led to the showdown at Yorktown!


Just wait until my next full time RV post to get the information on that!


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