RVing in Jamestown, Virginia | How The Pilgrims Hosed Jamestown!

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rving in jamestown, virginia

There is a big rivalry between Jamestown and Plymouth!









While RVing in Jamestown, Virginia, I learned something interesting about American history that I never learned in school.

There is a huge rivalry between the two colonies!

RVing in Jamestown, Virginia: Shocking News!

Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in 1607. It was named after King James 1 of England.   In 1619 the first representative government meeting in America was held there. In 1676, the settlement burned down but they already moved the government to a
more central location called Middle Plantation about 20 miles away.

Middle Plantation is now known as Williamsburg – you can read my blog post on RVing in Williamsburg, Virginia too if you want more information.

How The Pilgrims Hosed Jamestown

Plimouth Plantation gets all the credit  for being the first continuous English settlement in America (and also because the Pilgrims invented Thanksgiving). But I think Jamestown should get a lot of the credit too!

The Pilgrims were the first colonists to settle in New England but the colonists of Jamestown were the first permanent English settlers to set up a real colony in America! People almost deserted the town because of rough winters but someone forced the settlers to stay.

John Smith thought Jamestown would be a great city, but even though it never stayed as a permanent colony, the place was the root of our country. News of its creation in England encouraged more people to come and establish colonies in North America.

I learned that John Smith also gave New England its name! If your ancestors lived here, you could be related to one of them.

One of my ancestors was actually a Pilgrim who came over on the Mayflower!

Why I Went RVing to Jamestown, Virgina

My mom brought me here because one of my school books talks about Jamestown a lot. This school book is very interesting. The book is
called Making Thirteen Colonies: 1600-1740 A History of US Book 2. I would recommend this book to every homeschooling family or just if you want to learn more about American History.

The Jamestown  National Park is left almost entirely in its natural state. It wasn’t re-created like Plimouth Plantation.  The
archeologists preserved the artifacts, and made a few log buildings but it basically is just an outline of where  the houses and the fort
were located.

Unfortunately, the town was burned down so you gotta give the archeologists some credit for figuring out where everything was.

Jamestown was well done but in my opinion, RVing in Williamsburg in my opinion was better since they had actors telling you what life was like back then. We didn’t have time to visit the re-created ships but I am sure my parents will drag us back here when we are older for an updated history lesson!

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