RVing in Kansas…Amber Waves of Grain

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The grain really is amber when RVing in Kansas…









We really enjoyed RVing to Kansas City and also to Abilene, Kansas.

We rolled into Kansas City starving at 8:30 pm. We were ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the beautiful houses and neighborhoods on our way to a family restaurant called Stroud’s.

Stroud’s Restaurant is known for their  family style fried chicken. The chicken was good but we all agreed that there were two things that really made us want to come back and eat there again.

First was our waitress Elaine. She was terrific!

Second was that they bring you a basket of hot cinnamon buns to your table. We thought we’d died and gone to heaven these cinnamon buns were so delicious!


RVing in Kansas City…Seeing Old Friends


While RVing in Kansas City, we visited with our friends Maddie, Luke and Gretchen. It was wonderful to see our friends who had moved last year from Cape Cod to Kansas City.

Gretchen is a fabulous cook and it was so nice to sit in a kitchen and chat with an old friend.  They are really enjoying Kansas City and we can see why. It is a beautiful, friendly city with tons of fun things to do and lots of parks.


RVing in Kansas and World War 1


We went to the World War I Museum.  We had traveled tot he Somme battle field several years ago when the boys were 5 and 7 so we felt we truly needed a refresher course on the causes  and settings of the “War To End All Wars.”  There were several exhibits on the situation in the U.S., Europe and its various colonies in the decade before the War broke out.

We  learned all about the causes, participants, uniforms, artillery, ships and airplanes used in World War 1.  We also learned that it was never called WWI until after WWII had begun….it was called “The Great War”.

The museum was excellent and we all enjoyed reading the exhibits and viewing the video presentations. We were engrossed in the exhibits  for over three hours but we could easily see spending the day there!

It is very fitting that Truman, a WWI veteran, has a Presidential library less than 30  minutes away!


Rving and Legos…of Course


And then we spent six fun hours at Legoland Discovery Center. Eli says Legoland was amazing, especially miniland as it was a replica of a
miniature Kansas City and also had a full set of miniatures from the Wizard of Oz!We would go there again! It had a soft play area and we
spent hours building a great wall of Lego!


Rving to Harry Truman’s House


We also drove over to Independence Missouri and visited the Harry Truman home and Presidential Library.  The Truman Home was awesome and we all liked it better than the Eisenhower home.

The guide was enthusiastic about the the tour and we  could almost feel the ghosts of Harry and Bess sitting in their kitchen. The Truman Library was fantastic and we learned a lot about Harry Truman’s work ethic,  boyhood and war service as well as the issues he faced ending World War 2 and the Korean Conflict.

Truman was quite a leader on the battlefield and politically.


Rving with Ike


Then we went RVing through beautiful ‘amber waves of grain’ highways to Abilene, boyhood home of five star General, Supreme Commander of the European Allied Forces and President Eisenhower.

Alex especially liked the Eisenhower museum as it had significant detail and exhibits on WWII and the 1950s. We all like Ike!

The drive along route 70 to Colorado was beautiful…long but beautiful.

We are looking forward to exploring more of Kansas next trip.

How about you??

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