RVing in Kentucky | How Bat Poop Won The War of 1812

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rving mammoth cave

This is the entrance ot Mammoth Cave, you can see the water seeping in at the top!










Why did we go RVing to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky?

We went to Mammoth Cave RVing because we wanted an excuse to go to Kentucky and learn about Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave is the biggest cave in the world!

There are over 365 miles in the cave.

When I went RVing to Mammoth Cave, I did not realize it was 365 miles long. That is as far as RVing from Cape Cod to Philadelphia!

That’s a really long way…especially if you are RVing.

How Mammoth Cave Was Formed

Caves are like cavities and since rain is slightly acidic, when it rains, the water melts the rocks away.

The rain then forms sink holes. After the rain drips through the sink holes, it then goes to the underground river.

The slightly acidic rain melts rock away (that rain is 1,000 times less acidic than Coca-cola so it’s not too acidic). But over time it eats away at the rock and forms a cave.

rving in kentucky at mammoth cave

The scary entrance to Mammoth Cave!

RVing in Kentucky: Bat Poop & The War of 1812

Did you know that this year is the bicentennial of the war of 1812?

What many people don’t know is that Mammoth Cave was first a place were people made gunpowder  in 1809 it produced 400,000 pounds of salt peter. All this salt peter was used to fire the cannons in the War of 1812.

Salt peter is taken from the poop of bats which is used in gun powder. The cave is so good for getting salt peter because bat poop is in it.

It takes 5-10 lbs to make one pound of salt peter. To get salt peter out of the bat poop on the bottom of the cave, you have to put dirt into a shifter and put water thought it just like coffee.

Then you take out the salt peter and that is used to make gunpowder, this is what they used to do it:

salt peter mining in mammoth cave

This is where they sifted out the salt peter to make the gunpowder

The gunpowder taken from Mammoth Cave was used to fight the biggest battle of the War of 1812, the Battle of Fort McHenry. This is the same battle that Francis Scott Key wrote The Star Spangled Banner.

The “rockets red glare” was because of the bat poop in the gunpowder!

When we went RVing in Kentucky, we saw how they made gunpowder at Mammoth Cave.

How Bat Poop Saved Our Country!

If the bats hadn’t pooped so much, we would not have had enough gunpowder to win the War of 1812 and we may all be British to this day!

Who would have thought that bat poop could help win the war of 1812?

You learn the darndest things RVing in Kentucky!

Even my brother Eli had fun in Mammoth Cave…

eli in mammoth cave dancing

Eli doing a cave dance....300 feet below ground!


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