Our Wicked Cool Trip RVing to Williamsburg, Virginia

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rving to williamsburg virginia stockades

I think my mom and dad would have liked to take this stockade home from Williamsburg for me and my brother...thankfully, it won't fit in the RV!

RVing to Willamsburg, Virginia was very interesting and it was pretty fun too.








We saw a re-enactment of  George Washington giving his farewell speech as he was leaving the presidency.

I got to see actors portraying George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. That was cool because I got to stand next to them while they spoke!

rving in williamsburg virginia

That's me standing between Thomas Jefferson (on stage) and George Washington (to my right)

They even answered our questions after they spoke to the crowd.

My mom (the Presidential nut) asked a lot of questions.

It was raining lightly and  Thomas Jefferson wanted to leave ( he was afraid of becoming one of Ben Franklin’s experiments! )  but George Washington said he wanted to stay and talk to us as he had never been accused of being a ‘fair weather Patriot!”

My mom almost fainted with delight he said that.

The Old Capital Building in Williamsburg

We also toured the old Capitol building. I saw a replica of the Bill of Rights. I also saw the real chair that the leader of the House of Burgesses sat on.

the house of burgesses in williamsburg

The House of Burgesses in Williamsburg, Virginia

This is a valuable article since the Capitol building was burned down.

Benedict Arnold Was There Too

There was a re-enactment containing Benedict Arnold too. He said that the citizens of Williamsburg should surrender to him since the British gave them what they wanted (no taxes).

benedict arnold williamsburg we saw rving

Benedict Arnold came in on horseback and started doing a big speech!

Fortunately the colonials, (and we American citizens in the audience) all rejected that idea by booing him! The people of Williamsburg didn’t give in.

We stayed American.

The Civil War Week in Williamsburg

While we were there, it was also the 150th anniversary of the Civil War battle for Williamsburg. We saw some Confederate and Union
soldiers fire muskets and cannons! They also paraded around a fenced off area.

civil war guns

These are the guns the Civil War guys used

There was also a Civil War Hospital too, but that made me feel weird so we left.

My Dad loved it though, he’s nuts.

The Williamsburg, Virginia Gardens…

We also saw two beautiful gardens. One of the gardens was a flower garden, it had beautiful flowers in it. The other was a vegetable
garden. It had ton of green vegetables.

gardens in williamsburg virginia

One of the gardens in Williamsburg...although Busch Gardens was MY favorite garden!

We didn’t do all the things at Williamsburg ( you need three days for that!) but we ate at  Shield’s tavern, and saw a working  blacksmith
and cobbler’s shop. I would highly recommend a trip to RVing to Williamsburg.

There is so much to do RVing in Williamsburg, Virgina. Plus, Yorktown, Jamestown and Busch Gardens are all only 20 minutes away.

Pretty Lucky to Go RVing in Virginia

I consider myself pretty lucky to have gone RVing all the way to Williamsburg, Virgina…so lucky, I found a four leaf clover!!!

four leaf clover

I am pretty lucky to see Williamsburg RVing, so lucky I found this 4 leaf clover!

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