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RVing Full Time in Canada | Foods We MUST Import to the US

OK all you hosers…we are neighbors with Canada right? And what do neighbors do…”hey neighbor, can I borrow a half a stick of butter?”…of course they share FOOD! We are only showing Bob and Doug McKenzie above because, although they are very funny, this is usually

Eli’s Thoughts on RVing Full Time in Canada

RVing In Cottage Country My favorite part of visiting Canada was going to the cottage with my cousins. I loved every part of that weekend: swimming out to the raft, knee boarding, playng cap gun wars, going to the Buck N Up, and Sandy’s special French toast and s’mores. RVing in Canada Rocks! We went […]

RVing Full Time in Canada for Kids

We are RVing full time and went to Canada. I like Canada a lot. Some of the things I like are: 1. Canadian Food The candy in Canada tastes great. Areo Chocolate tastes the best! I have a new favorite food it is called beaver tails. They are not meat but fried dough with sugar, […]

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