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Why Full Time RVing (And Eating) in Chicago Is So Awesome!

RVing full time is fun. You get to see a lot of cool sights, even if you’re a kid. But what I like most is the food. My mom and I really like to talk about what kinds of main dishes we want to order when we go to nice restaurants. When we went to […]

RVing in Wicked Cool Chicago!

There are lots of things to see in Chicago when you’re RVing full time, but the sky deck at the Willis (aka Sears) Tower is the best of them all. It is THE one thing that you HAVE to see in Chicago. This is because when you are up on the Sky Deck you can […]

The Most Frightening Moment for The Full Time RV Family

When RVing full time, you get to see some really cool stuff, no doubt. You also end up doing some things that are normally way out of your normal comfort zone. Go cross country for a year alone with your family, in a mechanical contraption that you have no idea how to operate? Uhhh, no […]

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