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Our Wicked Cool Trip RVing to Williamsburg, Virginia

RVing to Willamsburg, Virginia was very interesting and it was pretty fun too.               We saw a re-enactment of  George Washington giving his farewell speech as he was leaving the presidency. I got to see actors portraying George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. That was cool because I got to […]

What You Must See RVing in Philadelphia

RVing in Philadelphia we saw lots of things. Most of the things we saw there were about the American Revolution which my brother Alex is learning about  for fifth grade…so I picked up some tips for next year! It was really cool to see some of the same things that I have heard my parents […]

RV Accessories A Full Time Rving Mom Must Have!

A full time RV Mom needs her RV accessories too :-)… A while back, Alex did a great job outlining the 13 RV supplies you must have when you go full time RVing. Although that was an extremely inclusive list, there are certain RV accessories that a Mom RVing full time absolutely needs to make […]

The 19 Best Things About RVing in California

There were lots things I loved about RVing full time in California. Because the state is so big, when you RV full time in California, there is so much to see. But my brother Eli and I liked San Francisco the best, because we stayed there the longest. What made it the most fun is that […]

13 RV Supplies You MUST Have

Ever since I started RVing, people have asked me for tips on which  RV supplies I like the best. I am not an RVing expert, but after RVing full time for nearly three months and being responsible for: RV maintenance RV security RV sewer duty RV trash duty RV setup and RV breakdown duty ….and […]

Building Sandcastles While Fulltime RVing

Have you ever gone to a sandcastle competition? Not at a camp, but with adults who are architects and in San Francisco? Well we have! And we did it our first weekend in San Francisco full time RVing when we got there. It was awesome! We love San Francisco because there is so much cool […]

RVing Full Time | 4 Essentials When Booking An RV Campsite

So you’ve decided to go rving full time and you’ve already decided on your RV itinerary. Your next step is to now start booking your RV campsites. So get out the pen and paper or bookmark this post for later use because we’re going to give you 4 things you must know when picking out […]

How to Stay Connected When RVing Full Time

When we are talking with people about RVing full time, a question that comes up very frequently is how we stay connected when we’re in all these crazy, out-of-the way places. If you’re RVing full time around New York City, then chances are you wouldn’t have a lot of connectivity issues. But when you’re rving […]

The Most Important RVing Full Time Tip

RVing full time does require a bit of pre-planning. If you’re RVing with kids, it requires ALOT of planning. After all, you can’t just “show up” at Yellowstone National Park on the fourth of July weekend and expect for them to have a full hookup RV site for you ready and waiting for you. So […]

The Best RVing Picture Ever

We’ve been RVing full time for nearly three months now. So at this point, we feel like the RV is like a second home for us. At least this is the way me and Jen feel. I’m never quite sure what the kids thought about living in an RV full time because sometimes they tell […]

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