The 19 Best Things About RVing in California

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full time rv family the seven sisters

We loved RVing full time in San Francisco, here we are in front of "The Seven Sisters"

There were lots things I loved about RVing full time in California.

Because the state is so big, when you RV full time in California, there is so much to see.

But my brother Eli and I liked San Francisco the best, because we stayed there the longest. What made it the most fun is that we had our cousins there.

When you RV full time, you get to see many neat things and learn a lot of things that you never knew about before. And sometimes you just have FUN!

In this full time RVing post, Eli and I tell you about some of our favorite things about RVing full time in Cali!

1. Seeing Our Cousins Cobalt and Cypris (known as Cy Cy)


rving full time with the cousins

We went to the aquarium with Cypris and Cobalt RVing

We went of lots of cool places like the aquarium in Golden Gate Park.

At their house, Eli played Legos with Cobalt and Alex chased Cy Cy around.

2. The Big Sleepover at Cobalt and Cypris’ House

rving full time with alex and cy

Alex and Cy playing peek a boo

In the morning at about six o’ clock Cypris woke up and started crying and Alex tried to put her back to sleep. But she kicked him in the crotch! Ouch! He then put her in the bed he was sleeping in and she was fine.

3. Going to Ghirardelli Chocolate 

rving and ghirardelli

Ghirardelli chocolate while rving full time was our favorite place to eat!

We went with our cousins to get sundaes and they were good!

Eli almost ate his whole sundae! Believe me it tasted good. It had hot fudge,whipped cream, and a chocolate waffle cone.

4. Playing Baseball with Alex’s Buddies at Baseball Field in The Marina


RVing baseball field

Here is the Baseball field I played baseball on

Alex met a bunch of kids on a base ball field. He ended up being very good friends with them.

5. Taking science classes at the Exploratorium with Ken and Cassie

eli rving at the exploratorium

RVing at the exploratorium was fun!

Ken and Cassie were great teachers, they were fun too! Cassie was project-based and Ken was just trying to make it fun.

ken finn eli rving full time

Here is Ken in class with me - I am on the right

We learned a lot from Ken and Cassie at the Exploratorium, it is a must see for all kids (and adults too)!

exploratorium rving full time

Meet the Elements at the Exploratorium

6. Building Legos at Cobalt’s house and Making New Creations

rving and legos

Playing with Legos at Cobalts house was a lot of fun when rving full time

Eli made at least three Lego bases. They all looked awesome!

7. Having sodas at the Top of The Mark

Root beer for Alex and seven up with sweet and sour for Eli. The soda was really good, but they had a very long line. Plus to just get a table, you had to wait 30 minutes.

rving top of the mark

We pretended we were James Bond when we went to the Top of the Mark

Once we got in, we pretended we were James Bond…that was fun.

8. Walking Across the Golden Gate Bridge

golden gate bridge walk when rving

The longest walk we did RVing was the 11 miles on the Golden Gate Bridge

Wow, I remember that long 10 mile walk! We did it with our cousins. It was the longest walk that I ever walked!

9. The Alcatraz Tour When RVing

Eli rving at alcatraz

Eli "in the hole" RVing to Alcatraz

My mom thought the Alcatraz  was scary, but I thought it was interesting and cool!

I enjoyed the boat ride out too…it was as fun as RVing.

alex rving in alcatraz

Alex enjoying the scenery when rving full time and visiting Alcatraz


10. Lego Robotics and Lego Engineering Classes

lego robotics while rving full time

Eli at Lego robotics class

They were extremely cool. You got to make your own robot.

11. Going to the Monterrey Aquarium with Ridge and Maren

rving at the monterey aquarium

We saw this shark at the Monterey Aquarium

Ridge and Maren are our new friends and the aquarium was awesome!!

monterrey aquarium rving full time

We had fun with our friends Ridge and Maren at the aquarium!

12. The Epic Sock War on Alex’s Birthday

rving kids

Right before the epic sock war battle RVing!

We had a sock war and our cousin cobalt cried because he got hit in the head by a sock! Sorry Cobalt, but that WAS funny!!!

13. Super Duper Burgers on Chestnut Street

super duper burger rving full time

Super Duper burger was awesome!

The burgers at Super Duper Burger were awesome and the pickles were homemade and awesome!!!!!!!!

14. Getting Frozen Yogurt at Yogorino on Chestnut Street

They were right, Yogorino is the best yogurt! 101% good yogurt they said.


15. Delicious BLTs at Fresh Bay Cafe

BLT rving full time

Fresh Bay Cafe BLTs were the best BLTs we have had RVing full time

These were the best BLT’s in the world.

16. The Pool War in St. Helena

We went to a big castle in St. Helena…

st. helena

We went to a castle in St. Helena and it was cool

But the epic pool war we had with Oliver was the best. We threw plastic bags with water in them at each other. Oliver’s dad Tom played whiffle ball with us while my mom and dad went to a winery. We had fun at Tom, Shirley and Oliver’s house, they were very nice to us.

17. The Best Fish Ever at Fog City Diner

rving fog city diner

The Fog City Diner was awesome!

Even though it was only made with Bay Seasoning, it was awesome!

18. Riding The San Francisco Cable Car

cable car trip rving full time

We rode the cable car a few times and it was fun

The cable cars were very helpful because they got people up big hills. I liked that you could jump on and off.

19. Art Class With Cousin Kyle

kyle rving full time

Kyle was an awesome art teacher! Here she is before our epic walk over the Golden Gate Bridge with Cy

The lessons she gave us were very good – we got to paint and draw. Plus, Kyle was very good at art.


Well, that is our list of the best things we did in San Francisco when we were RVing full time. When you go RVing, make sure you go to San Francisco, its the best city (next to Boston of course)!

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Thank you

Alex and Eli


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