The Days Leading to “D-Day”…And Beyond

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The weeks before our departure were filled with end of year school events, baseball and LAX games, a few play dates and sleep overs – (THANK YOU for having our children over and for giving us time to address last minute issues with packing)  for the boys with their cherished friends.

The whole fam-damily (nearly) at Auntie Mary and Uncle Skippy’s house!



Alex and Eli saying goodbye to Nonnie and Bump

Jen and Ralph also scheduled breakfasts, lunches and dinners with our soon to be dearly missed friends and this was capped by three wonderful  parties: one at the Waters home with all our Burns family relatives, one by our neighbors The LaCasses and The Sheehy’s (on the beach!) and lastly by my parents the Sorenti’s who hosted almost our entire family.

All of these wonderful loved ones cooked and  served while we relaxed and enjoyed their company. THANK YOU ALL!!  We love you!

June 12, 2011

We left our  our home with a tearful send off by our family and dear friends. While I am looking forward to our trip, I wish we could caravan with our loved ones. They are counting on  us to deliver news and updates to them regularly and we will not disappoint.

And SURPRISE !! Our friends Rich and Laurie met us at the Westborough exit off of the Mass Pike to say good bye. They met us with cards, chocolate and pictures and a step stool for the boys.

RVing fulltime

Friends Rich and Laurie drove all the way out to Westboro to "intercept" the Full Time RV Family!

Then on to Cooperstown, NY. We arrived safely and set up the RV at the Campground in record time so that we could have dinner, and a much anticipated playdate, with our friends from CCA, the Lancey’s.  We had a terrific time and it was the perfect ending to a bittersweet day of leaving our family and friends to follow this road trip dream.  None of us wanted to leave the Lancey home when we finally pulled out of there at 10 pm! Thank you friends for a wonderful time for the warm hospitality, the terrific dinner, great conversation, book tapes and firewood!  We very much appreciate your kindness.

Tomorrow its on to the Baseball Hall of Fame…..

RVing fulltime with Eli at the hall of fame in Cooperstotwn, NY

The future hall of famer Eli Sorenti-Burns

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