The Full Tme RV Family Goes to The Herbert Hoover Museum

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Many people thought Herbert Hoover was a failure but I don't think so!

Did you know that Herbert Hoover gave millions of tons of food to Europe after World War One which helped save millions of people’s lives?

Did you know that in the early 1900s, he was called “The Great Humanitarian”?

When we were full time RVing in Iowa, we went to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum in West Branch, Iowa and I learned much about this controversial President.

Lots of people think Hoover was a failure and was to blame for The Great Depression….but I don’t think so.

I learned a lot at The Herbert Hoover Museum. Going to obscure museums like this one is one of the benefits of living in an RV full time for a year. I never would have learned any of this if I was home going to camp instead of RVing full time!

Anyway, there are lots of interesting things people may not know about Herbert Hoover such as:

  • He was an orphaned from both his parents at age nine and went to live with his uncle in Oregon. There he learned to love fishing just like me.
  • He then put himself through college at Stanford University.
  • After college, he worked as a surveyor for his very first job just like presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

So if anyone asks you what Herbert Hoover has in common with Washington and Lincoln, you’ll know!

  • After college, he worked as a geological engineer for many years and made a lot of money.
  • After he made all his money, he then gave up the business world so he could help people!
  • After World War One, there were lots of people starving. He wanted to help, so he volunteered to help feed Europe. He saved the lives of millions of people organizing food drives and contributing his own money!
  • This humanitarian effort made him very popular and opened him up for election to public office. He then worked in Washington under Presidents Harding and Coolidge.
  • He won the presidential election of 1928 by a land slide. And because he was President during the Great Depression, he lost the next election by a landslide too.

I thought he was a great man because he saved millions of people from starvation and dying not just once (during World War One ) but again after World War Two!

Not many people know this but Herbert Hoover, after World War Two, he was asked by President Truman to help a starving, war torn Europe again just like he did after World War One.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post and that you will look online to see more about the interesting life of Herbert Hoover.

What do you think, was Herbert Hoover a great man? Or was he to blame for the Great Depression?

Post a comment below and let me know what YOU think!

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