The Most Frightening Moment for The Full Time RV Family

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sears tower family

At the "What you talkin about Wills?" Tower Ledge

When RVing full time, you get to see some really cool stuff, no doubt. You also end up doing some things that are normally way out of your normal comfort zone.

Go cross country for a year alone with your family, in a mechanical contraption that you have no idea how to operate?

Uhhh, no problem…fear conquered.

But there are so many more….

But isn’t a big part of living a really full life experiencing new things, doing things out of your comfort zone and “stretching” yourself?

So in that vein, one if the coolest and most frightening things we’ve done so far was going out onto “The Ledge” at the newly re-named Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) in Chicago.

It’s a totally glass shelf that stands nearly 1200 feet above the streets of Chicago. they just added it in the past few years and its worth the $45 family fare to get in to see it.

For someone petrified of heights (always have been…and spiders, but that’ll be another post on another day), my knees are still weak just thinking about it!

Check it out:


sears tower fellas

Alex and E...not so scared

sears tower family

The most frightening part of our RV trip so far!

The kids were less afraid as you can see…

sears tower both fellows

Alex and E chillaxin at 1200 feet above the streets of Chicago

Although the kids were thrilled by this high elevation adventure, we were not as much. But we are so glad we did it.

So when RVing full time, you end up doing a lot of things that you’re no so comfortable doing.

The good news is that once you stare down fear and “just do it”…the payoff is fantastic!

Post a comment below and tell us what you think? What fears do you have that you might want to conquer at some point in your life?


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