Why Full Time RVing (And Eating) in Chicago Is So Awesome!

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hot saucesRVing full time is fun. You get to see a lot of cool sights, even if you’re a kid.

But what I like most is the food.

My mom and I really like to talk about what kinds of main dishes we want to order when we go to nice restaurants.

When we went to Elements in Pittsburgh, I let her pick for and I loved the meal.

However, when we went to Heaven on Seven in Chicago to celebrate our friend Dalia’s birthday (Karen’s Mom),  I was way over on the other side of the table, so I went my own way.

Heaven on Seven Restaurant

Me and everyone at Heaven on Seven Restaurant - look at all the hot sauces!

Heaven on Seven is a Louisiana-style restaurant which has hundreds of hot sauces all put together on a wall!


eli and hot sauce

Me in front of the wall of hot sauces


There are tons of hot sauces to choose from and my favorite one is  smoked tabasco hot sauce.


The food that I had at Heaven on Seven was called ” Southern Fried Chicken”. It is fried chicken with mashed potatoes, vegetables, and creamy lemony gravy.

The gravy was the best I’ve ever tasted! Yuuummmmm!

Eli eating

Me devouring my Southern Fried Chicken with savory lemony gravy!

The gumbo was pretty terrific too……

young foodie

I approve of the Gumbo too!


What I had for dessert was a pie, but it was no ordinary pie. It was a peanut butter chocolate pie and that was one of the best desserts I have ever tasted.

The second time we went there we ordered the dessert sampler and that had 9 kinds of desserts on it! I tasted my first pecan pie and loved it, but I still think the peanut butter chocolate pie is the best.


The dessert tray at Heaven on Seven (peanut butter pie is on the upper right by the way)

Heaven on Seven is such a good restaurant! It is SO good that I begged to go there again! And we did!

Eating at Heaven on Seven

Eating dinner at Heaven on Seven the second time we went!

We went there twice during our time in Chicago. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who visits Chicago, even if you’re not living in an RV full time like we are!

Eli at Heaven on Seven

My favorite restaurant is Heaven on Seven!

That is my review on Heaven on Seven!

Write a comment below and tell me what you think. What was YOUR best meal ever?

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