Yorktown, Full Time RVing and The End of The Revolution

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In this picture I see men fighting over a fort.

I do not see cannons but they must be close.

These men are not in a friendly mood.

The men in the blue are trying to eliminate the men in the red. 

The men in the red are also trying to eliminate  the men in the blue.

Yesterday, both sides were strategizing how to kill each other and win the battle.

Today they putting those plans into action.  

Each man in this battle wants the other to surrender.

Both the sets of men, red and blue, used to be citizens of the same country.

“War” by Alexander Sorenti-Burns


Full Time RVing to Yorktown, Virginia

yorktown cannon full time rv family

The cannon display at Yorktown was cool!

Yorktown was my least favorite battle before I got to learn about it  firsthand by going there when full time RVing.

I thought it was a battle for nothing until I went there myself.

Lots of kids only read about these things in books but because we are full time RVing, my family and I got a tour of the entire battlefield of Yorktown.

We even saw the house where the entire British army surrendered to General George Washington on October 19, 1781.

Why The Battle of Yorktown Was Fought

First, the British Navy and the French Navy fought on the open ocean to stop Cornwallis’ troops from escaping and getting to the ocean.

General Cornwallis, the British commander, wanted to get to the ocean to reinforce his troops after being defeated in the Carolinas and at the Battle of Cowpens. I wrote about this in my last full time RVing post 🙂

He needed to get his boss, General Clinton to support him.  General Clinton had a fleet of British ships in New York that Cornwallis needed.

The Americans, led by George Washington, came down from Williamsburg and the north of Virginia.

Cornwallis was trapped, but his army needed more supplies, so he waited for General Clinton to help him. That help never came in spite many requests from Cornwallis.

Sensing they could finally trap the British, the Americans met him in Yorktown and attacked Cornwallis. Both sides dug in and shot cannons at each other.

This is called a siege.

Here you can see how the Americans surrounded the British with the help of the French:

battle of yorktown full time rving

As you can see the British were pretty much surrounded by the Americans and the French!

What We Learned About The Battle of Yorktown Full Time RVing

We learned mostly that George Washington, although he gets most of the credit for winning the Revolution NEVER could have done it without the help of the French.

Washington’s Army once he arrived from Williamsburg, and with a lot of help from the French Army, bombed the British for eight days straight. Their cannons did not let up – that was one cannon blast every 90 seconds for eight whole days!

Wow!!! All that noise would make me crazy.

Then the Americans and French finally charged two of the British out posts, known as Redoubt 9 and 10 by flanking them.

yorktown full time rving

This is a picture of the American storming Redoubt 9

After they took the redoubt,  then the Americans set up their cannons 300 ft away from them and they blasted them with all their fire power (mortars, cannons and guns).

The cannons fired balls, mortars fired exploding bombs. It was really noisy and really bloody.

fellas rving full time in yorktown virginia

The Battle of Yorktown was fought in that field right behind us!

They fired on the British non-stop and the barrage seemed endless.

Meanwhile Cornwallis was waiting for his boss to help him.

He had already waited for British reinforcements for over 45 days and was getting impatient and the losses of British soldiers was adding up.

If I had to wait 45 days to get reinforcements while full time RVing, I think I would die!

The British Surrender and We Win!

But Cornwallis couldn’t take it any more.

Finally Cornwallis surrendered and the Americans won.

Thanks to France, and Washington’s persistence we won this battle and our Independence!

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